Custom Price Calculator

Real-time price calculator for custom products

Custom Price Calculator

Your customers want products customized to their specifications, and you need to charge them accordingly. Using the Custom Price Calculator, you can easily create and embed a custom cost calculator on any product page and increase your checkout rate while optimizing your profit margin.

Embed on any product page

Easily display your calculators on any product page with a simple copy paste and match your store theme using our styling section.

Drag and drop to build any price calculator

No coding required. Just drag from a our list of elements to display prices based on your customer’s input.

Quick start with our predefined templates

Choose from a variety of our pre-defined templates and get started quickly.

Available Elements


Number Input

Text Input

File Upload

Text Block

Text Block



Image Selector

Calculation Display

Data Lookup

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What Our Client’s Say About Us

Have been wanting this function for so long then it was finally available. App works great and support has been great and made tweaks to suit my needs.

Doorsnz - Online Roller Doors

The support the team provides you is excellent. Even though I wish there was some more complexity with the formula options (ex; if, then statements), the team was able to help meet my needs.

Claire Crowe Collection

Great app and support. Asked for support and they helped within a few hours to solve the problem. Clear recommendation!


The team were super helpful and worked really hard to help get it working with my site. I would really recommend the app.

Harrison Cropper

Really good service with this company. Polite, very friendly and responds quickly without issues. I'd recommend this handy app 100%. I had a couple of small queries that we're fixed in no time.

Storefront Graphics

The tech support for this app is incredible. The app is fully customizable, it just takes some time and effort, but is well worth the final product. This tool will be invaluable to the success of our store.


Incredibly helpful and always willing to walk you through your calculations to make it work. Would recommend to anyone in need of an app like this!

Stalama AB

The application works perfectly and the technical service is really ready to help no matter how many questions you have and always with the best disposition.

Corkando GmbH

We're really happy with what the app offers and the very fast and friendly support that is provided. Really a very good allround experience so far!


I have just now installed this app and it looks very promising. I sell Button-Badges in 6 different sizes and the very nice people at the support helped me building the calculator just to my special needs. Good choice!

Black House Badges